Requests for Donations

As a community service organization, Lake Stevens Lions Club is asked periodically for donations to help support various activities in our community. To help streamline this process and expedite the request the Board of Directors has established a policy of all requests must be made on a Donation Request Form.

Complete the Donation Request Form and mail it to the Lake Stevens Lions Club, PO Box 589, Lake Stevens WA 98258
Be sure to provide the following information as complete as possible.

  • Name of Organization/individual and contact information.
  • Briefly describe the nature of sponsorship request.
  • Indicate dollar amount needed and for what purpose.
  • Describe how this will benefit the community.
  • Describe how many people in the community will benefit from this request.

The Lake Stevens Lions Charitable Foundation is a 501-(C)-3 organization and is responsible for the charitable activities of the Lake Stevens Lions Club. Tax deductible donations are welcome.

If you would like to make a tax deductible donation please send a check or money order made payable to the Lake Stevens Lions Charitable Foundation, PO Box 589, Lake Stevens, WA 98258.

For information about making other than cash donations please contact our President as listed above.

100% of all donations go back to the Lake Stevens Community and are not used for operating expenses of the Lake Stevens Lions Club.